Game Design and Development

The FrameInk team lives and breathes game development. As avid gamers ourselves, we know what the gaming community wants. We provide end-to-end game development solutions, from designing and storyboarding games to 2D concepts and 3D modelling to lighting and programming.

AR/VR/XR Development

The emerging fields of Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, and Mixed Reality offer us the most immersive mediums in which to explore media. At FrameInk, we decided from the getgo that these are areas that we want to excel in. And so we have put together teams to development over AR/VR/XR content, and they are here to create magic for you!

Mobile and Web App Development

No matter how many new platforms come into the market, web and mobile are here to stay for the foreseeable future. FrameInk had a dedicated team of designers and developers who are experts at building apps for both these key platforms.

AI and Big Data Solutions

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are major buzzwords in the technology space today. It is said that the next 1000 successful startups will take ‘x’ - any problem, and add AI. That said, FrameInk can help you transform your business with tailormade intelligence solutions.

The amount of data generated is growing at an exponential rate. If you are facing challenges in managing and making sense of your massive data pool and are seeking best practices to handle data meaningfully.

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