Game Design

Designing your game is the first and most crucial step in bringing your idea to life. FrameInk will partner with you in outlining your ideas and creating the storyboard, designing the levels of the game and documenting the process.


All great video games begin with a great storyboard. This is the foundation on which every other stage of game development stands.

The expertise of our storyboard artists is at your disposal to help you accurately capture the main elements and themes of your idea and outline them elegantly as a storyboard.

Level Design

Once you have a storyboard, the next step is the creation of video game levels the locales, stages, or missions that your players will delve into.

FrameInk will execute this for you at both the macro and micro levels, including creating the general map, setting the ground rules, determining the gameplay spaces and locations and where each level starts and ends.

Technical Documentation

When your progress in developing your game is hindered by malfunctioning code, placeholder art, and clashing mechanics,

A technical document or a game design document can be a lifesaver. FrameInk will create your game design document, complete with descriptions, images, graphs, charts, and lists relevant to each part of the game development.

2D Concepts

At FrameInk, we bring together the best of traditional arts and modern visual effects to create jaw-dropping concept art and 2D assets to conceive that epic gaming experience.

Character Concepts

2D games might be restricted by two dimensions, but the characters can always be multidimensional

That is to say, the character is ultimately more than just what appears on the screen. And FrameInk is poised to help you create memorable characters.

Environment Concepts

The game environment can be rich and varied, even in two dimensions.

At FrameInk, we have a team of inspirational thinkers and artists who help you bring any environment to life!

Game Props Concepts

The game environment needs to be populated with all the props that gamers will interact with.

This can be an overwhelming task - but with the expertise and experience of the FrameInk team, you will not have to worry!

3D Modeling

Based on any concept, the FrameInk team can create 3D models for every character and environment to make your game more realistic. Out 3D modellers and artists are always going beyond boundaries, building characters that transcend graphics, joints, and vertexes.

Character Concepts

FrameInk will breathe life into your characters, creating life-like avatars in three dimensions.

We will give shape to your imagination, and working with you along the way to make sure we get it right. Our experts will use the most advanced tools at their disposal to create 3D characters.

Environment Concepts

We will give your characters a rich and varied environment to play around in.

The environment can be created according to your material and quality references: we can have low-poly 3D content for pre-rendering and high-poly 3D models for real-time rendering.

Game Props Concepts

The props in a 3D game can come in all shapes and sizes, and the characters

Need to be able to interact with them in a myriad of ways. All of this is taken into consideration when FrameInk works with you to develop and model props for your 3D game environment.

Game Development

Once we have your game design blueprint ready, it’s all hands on deck! FrameInk will develop your game from the early prototype stage, through the first playable version, all the way to the Gold Master version. We will continuously test and refine your game, developing every character, environment, object, as well as the look, colours, sounds to perfection.

Level Designing

The FrameInk Level Designers will craft the levels, stages or missions of your game and plan start and exit locations,

determine where tunnels and hidden passageways will be, places where interactions or dialogue will take place, and much more! We will identify and fix potential bugs that could hinder a smooth gameplay experience and create a seamless flow from start to finish.


We have all come to learn to love the exquisite lighting in our favourite games like Red Dead Redemption 2 and games.

There is no doubt that lighting is the critical component that gives your game that realistic feel and sets the mood for the story. With a deep understanding of the principles of perfect lighting, the FrameInk team will light up your game and enhance the whole gameplay experience.

Game Programming

The guts of your game! Ultimately, a game is as good as it’s programming. Game programming often requires long hours grappling with

Just one piece of a game. And at FrameInk, we promise to program your game to perfection. The unique talent of the FrameInk programming team is that they can orchestrate and bring the characters, environment, and props together, give the gamers the extraordinary experience they deserve.

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