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FRAMEINK agency, for game design & development since 2012 based in India.

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The FrameInk journey started in 2012 when a bunch of gamers from Bangalore decided to use put their game development skills to use by starting a 3D service studio for game development companies.

Over the years, we took up an increasing variety of projects, expanding to include AR/VR/MR, creating stunning demos and applications along the way. We added Artificial Intelligence to the services we offer, and fast forward to today, we are providing full-fledged ‘Game Art Development’ and Game development for AAA gaming companies.

Our core team has over 14+ years of experience in the industry, and we serve clients across the world, providing them with our expertise not just in game development, but also in web/mobile app development. We are moving forward with the clear intention of becoming the go-to services company for game development and other software services in India.

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Our mission is to serve our client’s needs thoroughly by putting ourselves in their shoes and seeing the world through their eyes.


Our vision is to be a complete and comprehensive design and development solutions provider, integrating the latest emerging technologies.


At FrameInk, we take Quality Assurance very seriously. To ensure smooth performance, user-friendliness, and bulletproof security, we put each project through a battery of tests.


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Founder | CEO

An expert Game Producer/Business Developer and a visionary, who has 11+ years of experience in Gaming and Technology Industry.

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Shiva Balivada

Managing Partner

In a glorious career spanning 3 Decades in IT where he worked in USA with leading Indian Software companies. At Frameink, he brings in years of Techno-Marketing experiences to build the next level tech service company of the future.

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Art Director

Experienced Art Manager with 14+ years of experience in the gaming industry. Highly skilled in Pixel Art, Storyboarding, Character Animation, and Digital Painting.

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CTO | Full Stack Developer

Expert handling software product planning, delivery with 08 years of experience. Cool and motivated personality, with excellent skills in product planning, development and delivery.

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Product Designer

A critical thinker and a listener with a passion for technology, problem-solving & Market understating skills.

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Lead | Full Stack Developer

Expert in handling complex projects through planning, development, test cycles, production deployment, and post production monitoring and support.

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Senior 3D Artist

A motivated and passionate 3D artist with a wide range of modeling, texturing, lighting, Rigging and animation. Who is looking forward to further developing his artistic skill sets at a professional level.

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Gaming and Entertainment

FrameInk started off as a game development company and this is what we love to do! We have also taken up projects in the entertainment industry, developing a variety of demos and applications.


The art of instruction through technology and design is a skill that the FrameInk team has honed over the years. We have created training and teaching tools for schools and colleges helping them transform the learning experience of their students.

Information Technology:

FrameInk works with software and hardware technology companies from various verticals, helping them build and scale web and mobile-based applications, create AR/VR/XR content and integrate cutting edge machine learning into their workflow.

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Real Estate

AR and VR technology is revolutionizing the way real estate is bought. FrameInk has been developing applications and demos for the real estate sector for several years, enhancing the experience that our clients can provide to potential buyers.


FrameInk works with hospitals and other healthcare service providers, helping build tools and technologies for transforming the patient experience, training staff and bringing healthcare into the twenty-first century.


The FrameInk team loves all things automotive and we work with clients in the automotive sector, providing them with the means to streamline and speed up their production processes while improving quality and efficiency.

What they say about us

I would like to commend Frameink for their top-notch service. They are very enthusiastic group of people and very bold in their innovative and design. Their research towards the new ideas using current technology in the market and coming up with the solution is amazing...

Frameink continues to provide our company with exceptional service. Their attention to detail and the way they place strict focus on delivery projects is impressive. Frameink provides a high level of professionalism even in the long run of projects.

I had talked with a number of other companies and frankly was surprised at the lack of professionalism that I was experiencing. I finally came across Frameink and they were a breath of fresh air.

Couldn't expect less from a bunch of gamers and dedication towards the gaming industry. Their art work and level of experience the team has is impressive, which gives confidence and reliable as a product development company.