AR/VR/XR Development

The emerging fields of Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, and Mixed Reality offer us the most immersive mediums in which to explore media. At FrameInk, we decided from the getgo that these are areas that we want to excel in. And so we have put together teams to development over AR/VR/XR content, and they are here to create magic for you!


Learning with AR and VR models is very effective. Students can learn in an interactive and engaging way

Going to school is no longer boring! FrameInk can help you craft your educational and informational content in AR/VR/XR, and help you transform the way you teach.

Enterprise Solutions

Virtual and augmented reality technologies open up immense opportunities for enterprises.

As one example, employees can get trained in work processes and operations using simulations of the same. Using tracking tools, you will be able to effectively evaluate the progress being made and create personalized training programs. And this is just the tip of the iceberg. Contact FrameInk now to explore the world of possibilities that AR/VR/XR technologies can open up for your industry.

Real Estate

Want to show prospective buyers a tour of a few dozen properties in the span of one afternoon?

Now you can do that from the comfort of your office. Imagine the delight of your customers when they can have detailed walkthroughs of properties quickly and make an informed decision. With FrameInk, you have a partner to create these virtual tours that can dazzle your potential buyers!

Product Marketing

There is no better way to market your product, than with an AR/VR/XR experience.

FrameInk can help you give your target audience a unique view of your product. Moreover, using gaze tracking, interaction tracking and attention tracking you will be able to get actionable insights that you can use to further grow your business.

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