Why Us?

We are a hyper casual game development company that strives to create the best experience for the users. We help our clients turn creative ideas into cost effective games with superior quality.

With our team of design and developer experts, we create interactive and highly engaging Hyper Casual games

Full Cycle Game Development

Our experienced team of designers and developers take you through the pre production, production and post production cycle with ease and deliver a bestseller

Game Monetization Strategy

Our dedicated revenue team provides full monetisation support throughout the course of development and after release

Game Publishing Support

We take care of the complete publishing part, the initial testing, game metrics analysing, monetisation and the final game release in the store

User Acquisition and Marketing

Out marketing team can make sure your game reaches a global audience leading to chart toppers and millions of downloads

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Our Process:

At FrameInk, we have created a process that helps us deliver quality work to our clients within the agreed-upon timeframe. This is a 3 stage process that involves conceptualizing the work, designing the elements necessary, developing the product and finally, testing it to perfection.


  • The conceptualisation serves as the backbone for the entire hyper casual game
  • Being hyper casual, the mechanic and the visuals/story make up the unique structures in the game.

Development and testing

  • We make a quick playable prototype with the core mechanic
  • After multiple testing with the mechanics, and reiteration, we progress on to developing the final build.

Soft launch and hard launch

  • The game is soft launched to a selective audience first. The data from player sessions are collected and analysed with tools to see how they play the game.
  • If the KPI's are positive, the game will be ready for a hard launch, and if not, the idea may be scrapped
  • Using our successful monetisation strategy on the game, it's ready to be put out on the game store for launch